Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tips on choosing and registering your domain name

A website is essential to do business these days. With Internet being omnipresent and omnipotent, to not be present on the web is tantamount to not existing at all! Every website comes with a domain name that is unique. You will not find two websites with the same domain name. Here are some tips to get your own domain.
Research and brainstorm
As with anything that requires creativity to get maximum returns, research and brainstorming sessions are essential. Gather information on how to get your domain registered by discussing with experienced persons or you could do the easy way of simply giving the job to someone else.
It is important to understand what goes into selecting a domain name. Some of the most basic features of a good domain name are that it is simple, easy to remember, catchy and promotes the company.Most companies use their own name for their domain name so it would be wise to name your company in a way that no one has thought of before.
It doesn’t need to be correct English - wise but catchy all the while like Kwality. You may find that quite a few names that you fancied have already been taken up but keep trying and the perfect name might just come up all of a sudden. “Google” was discovered after the first check that the founders received in favor of “Google” which was not the name that Larry Page or Sergey Brin thought of initially (it was “googolplex” if you needed to know). Serendipity is often quite nice.
Domain registration
Next comes registering your domain, which can be done by domain registration companies or as they are more commonly known, registrars. They help you check domain name (or "undersöka domännamn" for Danish) whether it has already been taken or not. There are a number of registrars out there who can help you get your domain registered. Many tempt with offers of low charges but it is important that you keep your eyes peeled and scrutinize them as closely as possible. The cheapest registrar is not always the most reliable. Make sure you own all the domain ownership rights so that it would not be sold to a third party in case they offer the registrar a higher price. Ask for privacy protection. Check whether you need domain forwarding and if it serves any purpose for your business.
After registration
Once registered, your website requires hosting (that is where you keep all your files and they are visible as web pages on the worldwide web) which is usually provided by the registrar itself or if you wish, could shift to another company. It is preferable to stick with the registrar particularly if you are new to the field, as they will give you everything you need to set up your website.
Your domain name will expire after the guaranteed period set by the registrar. Once expired, the domain name is up for purchase once again. If you wish to keep the same domain name, make sure to renew the contract with your registrar.
Alternatively, you could even sell the domain name. This can be almost like a stock market where you buy different shares in the hope that when you sell it, you will earn a profit. It is a good way to earn if you have a knack of securing a good domain name.
At the end of the day, choosing a domain name is a very creative and brainstorming affair that consumes a lot of time and is worth all the effort.
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